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Pasrea-kompostorin tuotekehityshanketta esitellään Ylen Keski-Suomen uutisissa


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Pasreas R&D project was presented at Yle News last week. Video only in Finnish.

The tests are on the way!


First tests seem promising. Bigger scale system is under construction and new tests will start in the autumn. You can read more about the first test from our blog in Finnish.

Pasrea @ HY


Helsinki University and TryOut! wrote an article about us!

Eemeli Piesala tells who we are and what we do. Read the article University of Helsinki made of us here.

We are also participating in the TRY OUT! - Peloton Club -experimentation platform for startups, which aim at creating better functioning and sustainable smart cities. You can read more about our journey from our blog!

Research and development project of Pasrea composting system is part of experimental program concerning nutrient cycle. (Site in Finnish.) Program is funded by Finnish government and ran by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Luke, Natural Resources Institute Finland, is our research co-operator. Their experties is an insurance for the validity of the research.

Pasrea is part of TRY OUT - peloton club, a support Network for start up founders. The start ups of Peloton are developing solutions for challenge of climate change and depleting of natural resources.

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