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Waste to value

What we do?

This is our ultimate goal.

Pasrea is a company developing a novel composting method for handling dry manure at farm environment. Our ultimate goal is to create a system that composts biowaste efficiently, while collecting the heat and ammonia generated in the process.

Collected heat can be used to warm up the farm and ammonia can be reused on fields as fertilizer. Composting the manure makes the end product, ready compost, easier to recycle and use on the fields.

On the right are our key points.

The Solution:

1. Is a novel innovation for recycling biowaste

2. Is cost efficient

3. Collects heat

4. Collects ammonia

5. Reduces logistic costs and time used for handling of dry manure

6. Keeps the air in the animal shelter fresh and dry

7. Increases the welfare of livestock animals

8. Reduces harmful environmental emissions

9. Is fully scalable to any size wanted

10. Saves the World!

Our CEO Eemeli Piesala presents the Pasrea R&D project as a part of one of the Finnish governments key projects: Experimental Program for Nutrient Recycling. Video mainly in Finnish but subtitles are in English.

Our team:

Eemeli Piesala

CEO, Chairman of the Board.  Farmer.

B. Sc., Biotechnology.

 Student of agronomy.

Jaakko Mäkelä

Head of research, science of composting.

D. Sc. student. M. Sc., soil science, Member of the Board

Kaisa Piesanen

Head of finance.

Master of Education. Student of agrology.

Ida Harlin

Environmental assistant. Environmental science.

Sari Luostarinen

Advisor from LUKE. Natural resources Institute Finland.

Eero Kiviniemi

M. Sc.,  Biotechnology.  Marketing communications, diversifying and applications of the technique. Member of the board.

Aleksi Karisalo

Technical advisor. Master of Science in Computer Engineering. Member of the board.

Sebastian Soidinsalo

M. Sc., Business Administration & Bioentrepreneurship, M.Sc., Drug Discovery & Development.

Ilkka Fagerlund

M. Sc., Biotechnology. Doctoral Student.

Mikko Pyhäranta

B. Sc.,  Business and Administeration. Financial advisor, Member of the Board.

Peppi Seppälä

B. Sc., Bioproducts engineering.

Juho Vihonen

B.Sc., Chemical engineering. Heat, Water and  Air advisor.

Aapeli Piesala

Farmer, Student of Agricultural economics .

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