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Pasrea is an innovative company developing

a novel composting system for manure.

Pasrea is a start-up founded in September 2016 for finding new farm scale solutions for handling livestock dry manure. The problems we are solving are the effective handling of the manure on site and   recycling the valuable nutrients in it.

For this we have developed a novel, livestock shelter integrated composting system that collects heat and ammonia from  the  process. During the years 2017 and 2018 we carried out a research and development project to scientifically substantiate   our patented Pasrea composting system for the benefit of livestock farmers and the environment.  Encouraged by the research results we are now commercializing the system and currently looking for our first collaborators and partners to do it with.

If you got interested and would like to learn more about us and our technology, please take a look at our  technology and team  page and  please feel free to contact us on any    matter any time!

Summer 2018 activities:

In June:

ESPC3 conference in Helsinki, where we have both a short oral presentation and a poster.

In July:

OKRA Farm Fair, at Oripää airport. We have reserved an exhibition space (place to be announced), and we’ll be both presenting results from our project, and a model of our system.

Come and meet us!

Company has started developing the full scale composting system in co-operation with sheep farm of 300 ewes in Central Finland. The full scale prototype is now up and running great and we're currently optimizing the system and the parameters to enhance the composting and yields.

The lambs born during the winter have enjoyed themselves on the well aerated straw bed!

In association with:

Research and development project of Pasrea composting system is part of experimental program concerning nutrient cycle. (Site in Finnish.) Program is funded by Finnish government and ran by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Luke, Natural Resources Institute Finland, is our research co-operator. Their experties is an insurance for the validity of the research.

Pasrea is part of TRY OUT - peloton club, a support Network for start up founders. The start ups of Peloton are developing solutions for challenge of climate change and depleting of natural resources.

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